It is the best of is the worst of times


This morning (Friday) I read an opinion piece by Michelle Malkin on the Augusta Chronicle entitled "Not everyone needs a federal bailout", I read it expecting opposition to some of the previsions of the (then) under discussion Economic recovery package. What I found was a long tirade against Chinese people and against the ADL (Anti Defamation League). I sent the following letter to the Chronicle in response:

I’m working from home; I read the daily statistics of this pandemic like each one of you. I am afraid, like everybody else. And fear is a powerful thing. It can make us act in ways different from what we would do in regular times. It is also a test of character. The measure of a human being is best seen not in times of calm, but in times of crisis. Only by facing reality you can pass the test. Unfortunately, Michelle Malkin failed that test last Friday.

Her hate-filled opinion piece shows her inability to deal with crises and her preference for scapegoating. The piece is simply unhelpful, misinformed, xenophobic and YES, antisemitic. She lashed out against immigrants, which is odd considering her own parents were immigrants from the Phillipines. She brought up against the ADL accusations of double loyalty, called them traitors and tried to dismiss their concerns by calling those concerns “manufactured”. I myself have many differences of opinion, not only with the ADL but other American institutions.

I am also, like Malkin and every other American, going through extremely stressful and difficult times. But the answer, in my opinion, is not to use the situation for political points, nor scapegoat those who are or think different from us or to lash out against them. Such attitude is not only harmful but it goes against everything our country stands for. This is a time to pull together, help the vulnerable and those in need, and prepare for the morning after. This crisis, too, shall pass. Our friends, our families, our neighbors will still be here. We will be judged by how we helped, not by who we smeared.





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