In May, 2015, it was reported in the Augusta Chronicle that the city was going to demolish the old Synagogue building and the old Court Building.  The old Courthouse building was built by the city in 1860.  The Synagogue Building was built by the Congregation Children of Israel (B’nai Israel) in 1869 and is the oldest Synagogue Building still standing in the State of Georgia.  It is in the top ten of Synagogue buildings still standing in the United States. A large group of Augustans, both from the Jewish and non Jewish community, attended every City Council meeting until the city agreed to not demolish the buildings.  Leadership of Historic Augusta and members of the Jewish community formed an alliance to restore the buildings and use them as a Jewish Museum.  The city agreed to lease this group the buildings for five years, during which time they would raise the funds to restore the building necessary to use as a museum by October 2021.  The outside of the buildings is in perfect order and look today just as they did when built in 1848 and in 1869. 


The mission statement of the Augusta Jewish Museum is: “The mission of the Augusta Jewish Museum is to reclaim and restore the original Congregation Children of Israel Synagogue, built in 1869, and the adjacent court building, built in 1860, both destined for demolition, and repurpose them as a museum.  The new museum will collect, preserve and interpret the rich material evidence of the Jewish experience in Augusta, and will educate, challenge and inspire audiences of all ages and backgrounds.” 

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